The Penguins Were Represented At This Andrew WK Show

Last week, I showed you a brief clip of me singing in the pit at an Andrew WK show in NYC. In the days following, I spent time searching through Youtube to see anything else that people were uploading about the show. I ended up watching a lot of the gathered footage a few times cos it was a crazy show and I had a blast.

The video up top of this post really got my attention. It’s the very beginning of the stage portion of the show (there were already people performing in the crowd and in line, even a dude holding his breath underwater for an obscene amount of time). If you are a fan of Andrew WK or partying or just great music, go ahead and watch this whole clip. I mean, I endorse it and all.

But if you wanna see/hear why it’s posted here on a sportsblog, then you really don’t have to go much further than the 7 second mark of the video. While Andrew WK is being introduced, you can hear my bud Penshead clearly yell out “GO PENS!”


Go Pens.

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