The Pirates Website Is Funny

You ever notice how some websites take forever to load? The amount of content and information on any given website will directly affect load times. PSAMP is pretty simple…we’ve got a horizontal banner area and 3 columns filled with different stuff. The Pirates website is a different monster, filled with columns in weird places, widgets, video, etc.

As such, it loads in increments. Most websites, PSAMP included, load the background first, and then piece in content such as stories, images and video on top. So when you load PSAMP, you’ll most likely see a momentarily all-black screen before the posts and images are shown.

The Pirates site takes a little longer to load, and the background isn’t a solid color. It’s the screenshot you see above…a patterned background telling you to vote for some Pirates for the 2010 MLB All Star Game.

HAHAHA. Thanks, background. I’ll get right on it and vote for a whole bunch of Pittsburgh guys who don’t deserve it and likely won’t be anywhere near making the team. Do they think that little bit of subconscious messaging will make the difference and we’ll see every Pirates position player starting the All Star Game? If so, then they may need to alter their strategy.

Now, why do I have the urge to go vote?

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