The Pittsburgh Passion Are Still Winning

Recent events have caused a state of turmoil in the Pittsburgh football community. Fans are making a point to trash the once-lauded Steelers due to allegations and run-ins with the law. I have purposefully stayed away from commenting on any and all of the allegations, because I’m a football fan, and could care less about the moral grandstanding going on with regards to fan-opinion of the Steelers.

And as a football fan, it’s nice to simplify and enjoy the game for what it is. The Pittsburgh Passion women’s football team are quietly having yet another successful season. I feel bad, as when I still lived in Pittsburgh, I could recap each game and even take in a few at the South Side. Now that I’m in NYC, my priorities have justly changed.

Even though recapping each game is tough, I still like to keep tabs on the team. As of now, they’re 3-1 following a 42-0 drubbing of the Erie Illusion. Plus, mad props to Olivia Griswold and Sharon Vasquez for making the 2010 TEAM USA squad. That’s a defensive lineman and cornerback, showing that the Steelers aren’t the only team in the city that values defense.

They’ll try to make it 4-1 this weekend against New York.

Go Passion.

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