The Pittsburgh Penguins Used To Be Wusses

Thanks to Mitch for sending this Uni Watch link over at the end of last week. It’s all about the St. Louis Blues, so you should be rightfully uninterested in the content. However, Lukas  points out a unique happening between the early-years Blues and our Pittsburgh Penguins, and it doesn’t look good for the reigning Stanley Cup champs.

I think we may have shown this on the site before, but it’s worth repeating: The Blues had a particularly loud crowd in the team’s early years, which led the Penguins to wear earmuffs on at least one occasion.”

That occasion is pictured above. What were the earlier Penguins hoping to accomplish? Earmuffs don’t block out sound, they block out cold. Sure, I know it’s cold on an ice rink, but that does little for the potential noise they had to deal with. Hell, the Capitals have like 1,000 bells, whistles and sirens at their games, and you don’t see Sid or Geno rocking some wraparound earmuffs when they play in D.C.

Thanks for the embarrassing history lesson, early Penguins players.

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