The Pittsburgh Pirates Are Healing Bret Michaels


Modern medicine needs to pay better attention to the Bret Michaels case. He had a massive brain hemorrage, then a warning stroke and doctors then found a hole in his heart. And despite all that, he’s recovering, made his way to the Apprentice season finale last night and plans on going back on tour with Poison in a few weeks.

It’s amazing that the Butler, PA native is alive and cognizant let alone driving and resuming a normal life. After he started making his initial recovery, I, and likely 99% of the general population, joked with a few friends that he probably didn’t even take of his weave and bandana in the hospital. But if the screengrab above and accompanying video are any indication, the weave and bandana aren’t the only things that stayed on his head. Maybe a good old Pirates hat is the cure-all. Makes me glad that I wear mine as often as possible.

My Pittsburgh-leanings have already led me to believe such truths. And hopefully all Pittsburgh hats have clinical benefits, and Steelers hats kept Bret STD free during Rock of Love.



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