The Pittsburgh Sports Venues Are Only Mostly Gross


ESPN has a new interactive map which shows their report about the concessions at professional sports venues in North America. It looks like the 3 main Pittsburgh spots…Heinz Field, Civic Arena and PNC Park, all fall squarely into the 50-75% nasty catgeory.

I know! I expected worse…especially out of the old and now-nearly-dead Civic Arena. But it outperformed many of its contemporary rivals.

At least no Pittsburgh venue had any more than a 61% in the report (Pirates 53%, Pens 55%, Steelers 61%). 100% was only the Verizon Center, home of the Washington Capitals, and all of Florida.

The Nassau Coliseum also had 0% violation, so I guess that should be a barometer for the veracity of the findings.

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