The Steelers And Pirates Have Matryoshka Dolls, Too


Thanks to Danno for these. Remember when we looked at Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux matryoshka dolls? Well I thought the Pens were the only local team represented in the nesting dolls game. I was 100% wrong.

The Steelers and Pirates have their own, no doubt. And thanks to Danno, we can see the whole sets. Lord knows what other pieces are inside the Crosby and Lemieux dolls. Danno says:

I got the Steelers Super Bowl XL set for Christmas in 2006 (obviously) from my mom. Pretty funny stuff, no defensive players, and no FWP. Also Jeff Reed as the littlest makes me laugh. My dad got the Steel Curtain version.

The Pirates one I got in maybe 2004 or so. That’s right, unlicensed TONY WOMACK merch in 2004. My mom got both those and the Steelers version at a gift shop somewhere in Beaver County that has since gone under. Maybe the best part: they say made in Russia on the bottom.

Photo credit goes to my wife.”

For the Steelers, Big Ben is the largest, as his nickname isn’t Third-Largest-Ben or something. Then we got Bettis, Hines, ‘Twaan and Jeff Reed. Amazing that Bettis is the only guy still not on the team.

The Pirates version is a little weirder. Tony Womack…TONY WOMACK…is the largest nesting doll. You know the Pirates have been bad for some time when Tony Womack is on display front and center. The smaller ones, in order, are Jason Kendall, Al Martin, Kevin Young and Freddy Garcia. What an awful team/set.

Check out the fronts and backs of both sets below. Click for full-size:

dannopiratesmatryoshkafront dannopiratesmatryoshkaback


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