The Three Rivers Stadium Website Was Awesome

Thanks to Pat for the heads up on this. What a website.

I guess I’ve been on a Three Rivers kick lately, after the on-the-river sketch of the stadium earlier this week. Maybe I’m just in a nostalgic mood with the final season of the Igloo in the books and a whole bunch of Consol Energy Center talk as of late. So it was awesome to see the website of the late Three Rivers.


Optimized for Netscape 3.0 or above and Internet Explorer 4.0 and above. I sure do hope PSAMP can one day reach those lofty heights.

Man if you have a little time today, go through the facts and photo gallery. Just star after star in Elton John, U2, Billy Joel, The Clarks, Brownie Mary, Rolling Stones, Phil Collins and Jerry Garcia at the stadium.

I hope the Igloo will be remembered in a similar way.

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