There’s A Pittsburgh Furry Basketball Team

I happened across Deadspin yesterday and saw weekend writer Brian Hickey mention a Furry Basketball Association. Being the investigative blogger, I checked it out, seeing that Pittsburgh knows about those furries all too well. And yep, there’s a Pittsburgh team.

The league itself, the FBA, is:

a fictional/fantasy basketball league consisting of furry participants. It was initially organized by Buck Hopper in 2009, and it has developed a fictional history which dates the beginning of the league back to 1961.”

It turns out that there’s a Seattle Sonics/Oklahoma City Thunder type-deal with the Pittsburgh team. Just like how the Sonics drafted superstar Kevin Durant and only got him for 1 year before the team moved to Oklahoma, the Pittsburgh Keystones used to be the Springfield Fusion, who only only got 1 year out of the highly-drafted Alan Murphy (right?). Here’s Alan Murphy:



Go Keystones?

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