This Guy Loves The Steelers, Being Annoying

I’m a loud fan. If you hang out with me at a game, or Foley’s or even just at my apartment for any Steelers, Pirates or Pens game, you’re gonna hear me supporting the team one way or another. I know I get loud and obnoxious at times, yelling and swearing through the good and bad at the top of my lungs, but the best I can do is just acknowledge what makes me so irritating to others because it’s way too hard to change.

The guy in this video gets it. He uploaded what he calls his Steelers Touchdown Ritual. It goes well beyond just yelling and high fiving and heckling any opposing fans in the immediate vicinity. No, dude pulls out like an air raid siren and blasts it from his porch. So if you were a Browns fan this past weekend, you had the fear of God put into you several times as you probably thought you were getting bombed by the Axis powers only to realize that it’s just your neighbor making sure you were humbled enough at the Steelers scoring TDs at will. YOUR NEIGHBOR FROM 8 TOWNS OVER.

I’m not lying, even with the Youtube sound down about 50%, the siren was still sorta piercing. Dude should just teach his siren to play the Steelers Polka.

I gotta figure out how to get one of these. And then I’ll bring it to games or Foley’s or something and just deafen people.

Video below:


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