This Pop-Up Book Is Missing Something…

Remember the Awful Pirates? Sure, it hurts to think that they were actually on-field representatives of baseball in Pittsburgh, but it sure was fun to sit back and insult the memories of them.

Well, there’s at least one person who has cleverly forgotten those terrible, terrible Buccos. Yesterday, a user profile called PiratesScoreboard popped up on Youtube. They uploaded a few videos that look to be from the scoreboard at PNC Park, as their profile name would suggest. One of the videos was this Pirates pop-up book which details the history of the club. It goes from the team’s inception, all the way through the last of the good years in the early 90s. Then the video fades from the pop-up book to what appears to be the the current team.

No mention of William Pennyfeather? Chris Stynes? Jermaine Allensworth? John Vander Wal? Are we just forgetting about Jeromy Burnitz, and any trace of Cam Bonifay and Dave Littlefield? It probably woulda been easier to “forget” those years if they weren’t a part of a record-setting stretch.

They should’ve included them in the pop-up book, and then the book coulda just burst into flames.

Video here.



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