Tons Of People Search For The Pittsburgh Pirates?

That screengrab right there…that’s from this video over on Youtube. It claims to be for FULL EPISODE Ookiku Furikabutte ( Big Windup) Season 2 Episode 6 (Part 1).

Pig farmer Ouija Boondocks airplane Sandwich stalker Series 4. Those were the first words that just came to my mind and I think it makes a little more sense than the title of that video.

It’s not uncommon for online pages to have tons of random, unrelated search terms hidden on a page to drive unsuspecting Googlers to your content. A lot of the time, the random words are whatever is currently in the news and tons of people are searching for. Like, check out yeardley love…that’s the female UVA lacrosse player that was sadly murdered this past week. As details are still coming out, people are rightfully searching for news about the case. This cat on Youtube stuck in the name so some of those people may be redirected to a video page that they wouldn’t normally end up at.

But the thing that caught my attention was the inclusion of pittsburgh pirates. What in the blue hell are they doing on there? If you were going to put one sports team in your random assortment of search terms, why would you go with the Pirates? There’s gotta be more people searching for the Steelers and Penguins, and that’s just Pittsburgh. Right?

You can make cases for plenty some of those search terms, as they should probably bring in a little traffic. I may be the only one who ended up there after searching for the Buccos.

And just below shannen doherty is a slew of pornographic terms. Those will get you the traffic you want, buddy.

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