Troy Polamalu = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Congrats to Troy Polamalu for netting AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors. So we get to show love here with the typical old/rare pic of the winner looking awkward with random female fans.

Honestly, this picture (taken from here) is nearly 5 years old. Troy was still a young guy with seemingly limitless potential. Now, he’s making the play that could’ve decided the AFC North if the Steelers can finish out the season on top. That play, the fantastic strip-sack of Joe Flacco last game, was admittedly awesome and one that only a handful of players seem to make. Troy is just one of those players.

He finished with 5 tackles, 4 of ’em solo, the sack, forced fumble and 2 QB hurries.

Troy won the award a long time ago, and the pic we used then was a classic shot next to a whole metric ton of candy.

Congrats to Troy. Go Steelers.

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Troy Polamalu = AFC Defensive Player of the Week

Congrats to Troy Polamalu, who was just named AFC Defensive Player of the Week. Seems like we got a stranglehold on AFC awards this season, no?

Troy finished the Gowns game with 4 solo tackles, 2 passes defended and a pick. Correction…a confidence-crushing pick.

I went back and forth with the above picture and this one here. The latter had more chicks in it, but the above has an assload of candy behind Troy. Somehow, its not odd to imagine Troy going out on candy shopping sprees. Or just candy shopping for Sprees.

So, who keeps up the trend this coming week? Silverback? Farrior? Ike? Orpheus Roye?

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