Troy Polamalu Gave Fresh Threads To American Samoa’s High School Football Teams

A few days ago, members of the Troy Polamalu Foundation delivered a donation of brand new football uniforms to the high school teams of American Samoa. There are 7 high schools on the island with football teams, and Troy’s $100,000 gift covers ’em all. From left to right in the above picture, the schools are Nu’uuli Vocational-Technical, Samoana, Fa’asao Marist, Kanana Fou, Tafuna, Leone, and Faga’itua High Schools.

Good for Troy. The guy always seems to be doing the right thing. Plus I’ve been on a kick, calling out people that are positively impacting others.

And I see that Troy didn’t pick camouflage for any of the teams. BECAUSE CAMO DOESN’T BELONG ON FOOTBALL UNIFORMS.

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