[Unnamed] Steelers Pregame Show


Me and Cotter haven’t done one of these Steelers videos in about 11 months or something, but felt that it was time to violate your eyes and ears again since we haven’t had any meaningful football in forever with the recent bye week. And as normal, we suck at this. Here’s a fun game, count how many times we say “uhhh” or “umm” or “like” or “I mean.”

It’s good to put a show together again though since it’s been so long.

Thanks to our boy maticulous for the beat. It’s another classic. And thanks to Sheena Beaston for the camera loan.

Direct hate mail to gopoopyourself@poop.com, or just psampmail@gmail.com and onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com.

Go Steelers.

Oh and watch the same thing over at OFTOT. Because 2 > 1.

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