Video Game MAF Let In A Softie, Too

Man I’m like the biggest MAF fan and apologist in the world (fig. 1), but even I can admit that he let in more than a few soft, early goals last year.

A few of his soft goals could be attributed to the defense in front of him, which is why Ray Shero made sure to shore up that unit at the start of free agency. The signings of Martin and Michalek should help tremendously.

And even though I’ll defend MAF with everything I got, it was still funny to catch this short video game clip of a Penguins opponent scoring on MAF from like 60 feet away.

For the record, that was video game-Goligoski and video game-Letang letting the opposition get off a clean shot at the blue line. Video game-MAF with the lapse of the year.

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