Wayne Is An Amazing Penguins Fan: Part 2

Last week for Pens/Sens Game 1, we learned of the generosity of Penguins fan Wayne. He had a ticket to the game, couldn’t make it, and gave it away just so another Penguins fan could take his spot at the arena.

Prior to Game 2, Wayne hit me back up, saying he now had TWO tickets to the second game at the Civic Arena that he couldn’t use. So again, we blasted it out to the PSAMP readers, and Pens fans Nicole and Ryan won each ticket. Ryan, who now lives in NYC, won the ticket on behalf of his dad, Bob. Bob took the picture at the top of this post.

Turns out Wayne lives on Long Island, so I’ll buy him a beer when I get him out to Foley’s sometime these playoffs on behalf of thankful Pens fans everywhere.

Go Pens.

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