Whatever It Takes

(i’m on my way to latrobe from new york city. will be in town all weekend. still, i got your back with some posts today and tomorrow)

I wanted to take a moment to highlight an upcoming exhibit at Carnegie Mellon University. As a Pittsburgh sports fan, I’m drawn to anything and everything that encapsulates our teams. As a guy that came outta college with a degree in history and a minor in public history after several internships and contract work at museums and with exhibits, I’m cool with learning more about imminent shows like this. So check it:

Called WHATEVER IT TAKES: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions, the exhibition presents the unique creations made by fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, showcasing the extraordinary passion and anything-goes creativity that surrounds the team (such as homemade merchandise, lawn sculptures, basement collections, tattoos, pre-game superstitions, tailgating rituals, international Steelers bars, etc.). The show opens August 27th.”

I was able to speak with Jon, the curator, and even added my Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch Steelers archives to the collection. There’s so many different aspects that make up being a Steelers fan, and our daily rituals with this team can totally be seen as art. And now Whatever It Takes is showcasing that art.

Poke around their Facebook page, and see if you have anything to add. Cos that’s what we do as Steelers fans. And now you got a place to show it.

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