Who Is That Guy?


The Olympics were cool and all, but watching great international hockey meant a giant hole in the NHL season. I can barely remember who that guy in the above picture is. The backup backup goalie on that one team that broke the heart of the USA fans because that team happened to have Sidney Crosby. I don’t think that guy even took off his tie and he got a gold medal.

But that changes tonight. The Pens are back and that guy is MAF again. He’s no longer training and practicing with guys like Chris Pronger and Mike Richards. And the Pens will need him to hit the ground running hit the ice skating (?)…Pittsburgh dropped 4 of 5 before the Olympic break.

So I’ll break out my MAF jersey and head to Foley’s tonight to kick off the end of the season run to the playoffs.

MAF will be counted on to be this team’s go-to guy again. I couldn’t think of any other way to have it.

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