Wiz Khalifa Has LaMarr Woodley And Other Pittsburgh Sports Stuff In His New Video

[screengrabs via the freak show. top radio show in the game]

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa’s newest video for his song Black and Yellow is out, and Wiz doesn’t disappoint on the Pittsburgh sports imagery. I’ve got tons of respect for how he displays Pittsburgh as a part of who he is. Living in NYC now, a large percent of the people I introduce myself to up here tell me that Pittsburghers tend to be the most vocal about our hometown during greetings. Wiz is the same, keeping Pittsburgh prominently in his look, song titles and lyrics.

The Terrible Towel makes appearances throughout Black and Yellow. Also, a quick cameo from Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley.


Sign this man.

Check out the video below. See if you can count how many times the Terrible Towel comes out. I started to then lost count.

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