Ziggy Hood Is Strong

Last year, a few of us went to Steelers training camp. Me, Cotter, this cat, her and this guy, too. One of the things a few of us noticed was the strength and speed of the newly-drafted Ziggy Hood. I mean we were sitting and watching some blocking sled drills, and he was holding his own up next to a beast like Aaron Smith. He appeared to be way ahead in his development, at least at camp.

So I wasn’t too surprised, but was definitely pleased to see this offseason training video of Ziggy. Yeah, that’s a 550+ lb. weight sled complete with a full-sized human sitting on it. Kinda proves our observations right about the kid. That was a pretty quick pull for 550+ lbs.

I was never a football player, but did have to pull sleds for track and field. Like, tied to your waist while you try to run with it attached to you. We wouldn’t go above like 100-150 lbs., which means my brain exploded at the sight of the weight Ziggy moved with such ease. The Steelers have to be pleased with this development.

Video below.

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