Benstonium Gets Earthquake References


Sure I made my share of obnoxious jokes about yesterday’s earthquake but I live in NYC and my work building in Manhattan shook and it’s only blocks away from Ground Zero and shut up. Most of you couldn’t stop talking about it and I get it. It was mainly those jerks In Cali who got all annoyed. But then everyone started passing around that Earthquake Destruction pic and you can tell it was time to move on.

However the only entity still allowed to discuss it is Benstonium. My boy Benson took the phenomenon and crafted an excellent 2011 Steelers promo featuring the hard-hitting team that just may have been the root cause. Seismic activity is scientific hogwash.

And you know that as long as Benson makes a new bit of awesomeness and I see it in my gmail (AND IF THE CBLOG ONSLAUGHT DOESNT BURY IT IN SAID GMAIL) then it gets posted here. Strive for this, other video-makers.

Video below:

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