Download ‘Mello Instros’ For Free From maticulous

I forgot to post this earlier, cos I’m a jerk and absent-minded. But I’m also awesome and tend not to lead you astray when it comes to good music.

If you’ve followed PSAMP with any regularity over the past few years, you’ll immediately recognize the name maticulous. He’s my good friend up here in NYC who also is a SW PA native and huge Pittsburgh sports fan. Staggering, I know. He graciously provided disgustingly-amazing beats for our here-and-there Steelers Youtube show, we checked out a song he produced and also put out the order for you to buy his debut EP.

Now he wants to give you something for free. Free stuff rules. maticulous recently released a free album of chill instumentals, which you should immediately download and enjoy. Produced and arranged by maticulous, cuts by DJ Brace (@DJ_Brace), and mixed by The Audible Doctor (@AudibleDoctor). The link is here. Preview below. Get on it.

LINK AGAIN. maticulous – Mello Instros

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