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So after this Friday’s Long Island Invasion, in which the Pens beat the Islanders in their first game at Nassau since that one where there was like 40 fights, myself and a few of my close buds went to Brooklyn to catch up with my good friend maticulous. He was having an album release party, since his debut EP has now come out officially.

As you can clearly see from the album cover, maticulous is an enormous Pittsburgh sports fan who relocated to Brooklyn from the Johnstown area. As a producer, he’s worked with a number of talented emcees, some of which show up on this record. By combining gritty independent hip hop with smooth soul and funk, maticulous hits my music nerve in the right spot, and you should figure out why you haven’t listened to his stuff yet (if you already haven’t). From the description:

After a decade behind the boards, maticulous breaks his silence with a carefully arranged, fully-formed EP that resonates with the time-honored tomes of New York’s underground. Seamlessly interweaving the thump and swagger of DJ Premier’s hardest post-Gangstarr productions with Pete Rock’s easygoing, blissed-out jazz, maticulous’s pristine beatcraft is elevated even higher by instantly classic contributions from RA the Rugged Man, Reef the Lost Cauze, Ruste Juxx, and Rock of Heltah Skeltah. maticulous builds on the tradition of New York legends to deliver a melodic, intrinsically old-school EP that reaches beyond boom-bap to achieve a sound wholly his own and tastefully progressive. “maticulous represents a dope new generation of beatmakers that respects the culture,” Duck Down’s Marco Polo says, “And he’s definitely someone you should check for.”

You probably remember maticulous’ beats from the Youtube Steelers shows that Cotter and I hastily put together in the past. Or maybe from when I featured another of his nasty songs.

And considering we had previously left the Pens game that night, a Stanley Cup shirt, the ‘Bury Gillies’ shirt and a MAF sweater held it down:

Buy the album here. You’re supporting both good, independent music as well as a pretty big Pittsburgh sports fan. Get it done.

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