Do You Want Free Super Bowl Tickets?

I’m hoping my post title is rhetorical, cos with the Steelers in the Super Bowl, every Pittsburgher should want to go.

Well maybe I can help. Or at least steer you in the right direction. The Dallas Super Bowl Giveaway sounds awesome, and I’m trying to help you get tickets to the big game. They’re giving away 2 tickets, a 4-night stay and $500 for travel. Check out some info here.

What you gotta do is stay tuned to this here website and likely twitter over this week. Because this weekend starting Friday morning, there’s gonna be a mystery man hanging out in Pittsburgh. If you follow my clues this week and find the mystery man and say the secret phrase, you win 2 tickets to the Super Bowl. Easy, right?

You can also check out the official twitter of this contest to see if you’ve missed anything. I’ll be cluing you into where you can find this mystery man. Take heed and end up going to the Super Bowl. It’s on you now, reader.

Go Steelers.

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