Footage From The First World Series Night Game Is Awesome

You know the Pittsburgh Pirates. Our same Pirates that have fielded sub-.500 teams for the past 900 seasons. For those of you too young to remember, the Pirates were actually good. Now, I wasn’t alive when the team was winning championships and such, but I at least have memories of going to Three Rivers and watching a team actively in pursuit of a pennant.

Three Rivers was also home to the very first World Series night game. After 397 World Series games over 68 years played during the day, The Pirates hosted the Orioles in 1971, and it was dark out. And thanks to the powers of Youtube, here’s an awesome 15-minute clip of the pregame. MLB is pretty strict on what video can and can’t be uploaded to video sites like Youtube, so there’s no real game action or anything, but there’s a ton of past Sparky Anderson goodness, Sandy Koufax looking like the most uncomfortable reporter-type ever and of course, Roberto Clemente.

I’m a history buff. I hope you are, too. If not, just check out how the spectacle of the first World Series night game was handled. Pretty cool.