Fred Durst In A Pirates Hat

Aaaand Limp Bizkit just undid all the awesomeness that George Clooney’s hot ex-girlfriend did for Pirates hats.

One thing I will say about Fred Durst and the hate he inspires is that a lot of the “haters” per se are all a bunch of liars. People pile on and like to say they always hated Limp Bizkit. Which is a lie. Late 90s, EVERYONE listened to that stuff. Sure, our tastes may have matured over time and it is way easy to talk crap on the blend of music Durst put out. Doesn’t change the fact that a billion people bought Significant Other. The general hate for Limp Bizkit is more of a self-hate that we willfully listened to their music. So don’t make excuses.

Aside from that, Fred Durst sucks and is getting a CBS show. Staggering. My sister saw the pic in the corresponding article about the show and Durst is wearing a Pirates hat. So this is where we’re at now.

Does 90s rap/rock have a place in Pittsburgh Sports Stuff In Hip Hop?

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