Geno Is Gonna Be A Big Movie Star

The guy has already conquered an HBO miniseries, so why not actual films? And I don’t think Pascal Dupuis is gonna show up in this one to tell Geno to f**k himself.

Via usbzoso, noted stalker and my source for the latest Russia/Geno news, comes this link that’s all in Russian. Here‘s the Google translated page…it still really doesn’t make sense in Russglish.

It seems to insinuate that Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin is gonna be in some Russian comedy. At least there’s professional-looking pics of what we can assume is a movie set. The movie is gonna be called “The Merry Nochka” about whatever a nochka is. Geno’s name in it is Gopnik. Gopnik. GopnikGopnikGopnikGopnikGopnikGopnikGopnikGopnik. I like saying Gopnik.

Keep it here for hard-hitting journalism.

Go Gopnik. Go Pens.

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