I Will Gladly Teach Emma Watson About The Pirates

Harry Potter magic-person Emma Watson went on Regis and Whoever and briefly discussed her love of Pittsburgh. She spent 6 weeks there filming some other movie that doesn’t have Harry Potter in the name so I’m having trouble coming up with something fake. You could see some Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Allegheny County Jail title coming there but then I got thrown a curveball.

Well Regis brought up the Buccos as he is wont to do. The wizardress seemed unfamiliar with these rogue swashbucklers. I mean, the Buccos were getting back to .500 and beyond during her time in the Burgh, so I can’t fault a Brit for being unaware of the local teams.

So I’ll help, I guess. I mean, Mila Kunis is taking up troops on their dance offers. If Mila is already taken, then I’d be more than happy to take Emma on a date to PNC Park. Piratsio Firstplacio.

ps i know nothing about harry potter.

Both links via the Freak Show.

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