LA Lawyer Gets Steelers Football

[harry hamlin is not the la lawyer mentioned, but harry hamlin!]

Thanks to Steve for this. Some LA-based sports lawyer sat down for an interview and discussed his thoughts on a team coming back to LA. His thoughts:

I think a LA team will do well from an economics perspective as a big part of LA thrives on status and ego and having a box or tickets to the LA NFL team will be the new, “it” event. This is also why the LA team will have one of, if not the worst home field atmosphere in the league (unless Jacksonville is not the team that comes to LA…). It’s hard to wave a terrible towel like Pittsburgh fans or reach a crazy decibel level like the Saints’ Superdome when your fans are looking around the stadium to see where Leo is sitting or what the Kardashian sisters are wearing.

At least someone has the right idea that not every expansion or moved team will automatically have the passionate Steelers-y fanbase. Cos:

Go Steelers.


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