MAF’s New Alternate Mask Is NewOld

Via Puck Daddy, here are pics of MAF’s new alternate uni mask. As you can see, MAF and the artist opted for a weathered look with fake puck marks all over. You can get pissed if you want, as a lot of people hate intentionally-distressed stuff. Like that old coot Andy Rooney:

Everything about Kurt Cobain makes me suspicious. This picture shows him in a pair of jeans with a hole in the knee. I doubt that Kurt Cobain ever did enough work to wear a hole in his pants. He probably had ten pairs just like these hanging in the closet—all with fake holes in the knee….

I hate fake holes in jeans as much as the next guy Andy Rooney, but MAF’s mask is its own monster. Jerks that wear jeans with fake holes in them likely aren’t doing strenuous stuff that would result in normal full jeans getting real holes. But MAF is still standing there waiting for 100 MPH shots that he can throw his body in front of. Somehow, I’m not one to get cranky about those guys.

Go Pens.


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