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I’m sort of afraid to look around cos there was a lot of wailing and thrashing after this game went final and Twitter looked like it was collectively ready to fold the season cos there’s no way this Steelers season can be a success. You know, after 4 games, 3 of which have been on the road at tough AFC stadiums. 2 of those games without Keisel. Frankly, I haven’t read any analysis from this game cos it just isn’t worth my time. O LINE SUCKS! DEFENSE STRUGGLED WITH LAST YEAR’S RUSHING CHAMP! SHOCKING!

17-10 Texans.

My only real point of displeasure is the O Line. The way the Steelers front office have handled Ben’s O Line during his career has been absolutely criminal. I’ve never heard him blame his line like Payton Manning has in the past, and he praises them at every availability. Stunning, and he deserves better. I literally have no idea how the rest of the season plays out in regards to O Line production. Expectations have to be pretty low.

Ben: He actually played a good game all things considered. He truly must expect to get hit from his blind side every play. That’s gotta be the only way he can get through a game mentally. When guys are routinely unblocked off the ends and the opposing D Line is just assaulting Ben’s protection before he can ever progress through his reads, the fact that Ben can stay (relatively) healthy throughout every snap and keep the team competitive to the final whistle is staggering. 3.5 of 5 motorcycle helmets for Ben. No clue if he even plays next week, and I have no idea how he can get himself up to play a game with that puke of a line waiting to “block” for him.

Defense: Bad. I’ve already been rationalizing the lack of run D by noting te lack of Keisel. And that we won’t face an offense and RB like Houston and Foster every week. They’ll be better. Not this game though. 2 of 5 helmets.

You know I’m done. I was all over this loss and excited about the Arrested Development series update and then I wrote this and got all pissed again so I’m ending this prematurely. Titans next week. Either Ben or Chuck running for their lives behind what we call an O Line. Be there.

(thanks to Doug for the banner pic)

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