Redneck Penguins Wine Glasses Are Kinda Cool

I like wine. I only have 1 or 2 designated small wine glasses at my apartment so I’m the guy that ends up drinking Spanish Jumilla from a Madison Square Garden Rangers or Knicks plastic beer cup or like my Pens, Steelers or Pirates rocks glasses. I’m pretty easy-going. Plus, wine.

However I would ALWAYS use this redneck Penguins wine glass made out of a Ball mason jar with an attached stem. Check it:

Pittsburgh Iron City-sized Redneck wine glass. The glass is made up of Ball mason jar (pint size) and can hold 16 ounces. It stands about 9″ inch tall and is 3″ wide and comes with a lid to keep from spilling while you’re tail-gatin or 4-wheelin, and it keeps the skeeters out. You will be the envy of the Tailgate or trailer park when you show up at the the next Bar-B-Q with this fine piece of drinkware!

This quality stemware is made in West Virginia by West Virginians! We don’t have any pro teams so we always root for the Pittsburgh teams.

Of course it’s from West Virginia. But I got family from West Virginia so say something.

Go Pens. And wine.

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