Steelers Tattoos With Dermal Implants Are Sketchy

We’ve been fortunate to see some awesome Steelers tattoos lately. Brett Keisel. The rest of the Brett keisel tattoo that featured Tomlin, Troy and Silverback.

But then there was also that AWFUL Steelers tattoo on Judge Joe Brown. This one above falls into the same confusing territory.

The tattoo itself isn’t terrible, I guess. Although I’m not really a fan of tweaking the style of the Steelers logo to make it look different. This person changed the circle to a heart, moved the hypocycloids and the script looks like it was done by a juvenile graffiti artist. But again, there have been worse.

UNTIL WE GET TO THE DERMAL IMPLANTS. Why would you ever do this? What is so appealing about a dermal implant, let alone a CZ fake-hypocycloid dermal implant? I don’t think I could ever implant something into my dermis. Just…no.

And that still leaves us with the question of whatever is on this lady’s middle fingernail. Is that an L3? Upside down weird-E7? So lost.

via Ginny.

Go Steelers.

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