That One Is Definitely Mario Lemieux


Saw this via Leahy and Rick and Derek. NHL 12 (which we’ve been looking at here and here) released a new teaser and it seems to insinuate that there are legends of the sport that players can use in-game. With shots of random Oilers and the silhouette of a dude in a mullet, you’d have to assume Gretzky is there.

And then there’s shots of the skates of an unseen Penguin fooling a Bruin with a nasty through-the-opponent’s-legs deke. It’s gotta be Lemieux, to which I say asklfdjaklsfjlaksfj.

True story, my favorite number is 13, being that it’s my birth date. My NHL 11 Be A Pro player defaults to number 13, and currently plays for the Pens after he left the team that drafted him, the Sabres, in free agency. I’m several seasons into the future, and for some reason the game switched Jordan Staal to number 13 and my guy to 11. Weak. So my guy went into a slump and I changed it to 66. I know, that’s blasphemy and all, but it worked and my guy snapped out of it right away. And then he went into another slump so usbzoso suggested I switch him to number 16 after this came out. So now my dude is number 16, still in honor of Mario, and he’s back on track.

All this is to say that Mario is such an influence and I really want to play as him in this video game. Long story, but hopefully enchanting to you.

I put up a screenshot of the full Legends silhouette above. The one I point out is definitely Mario. I’ll put money on it.

Video below:


Go Pens.