That One Wasn’t Mario Lemieux

[first in-game image of mario, via my bud scott]

EA released the final batch of ‘legends’ players available in NHL 12, and they finally got around to Mario. Finally. The guy who sits at 7th in career scoring despite playing between 400-800 less games than all 6 guys ahead of him on that list. The greatest player to ever lace ’em up. You can have The Great One. I’ll take Le Magnifique.


When the original silhouette image came out, I eyed the one I thought looked most like Mario (above). From just the outline, that looked like his build and a JOFA helmet. And since Gretzky will always get the front-and-center role, I figured Mario would be right there next to him. OR I GUESS ALL THE WAY ON THE SIDE…I GUESS WE’RE JUST FITTING HIM IN WHEREVER CONVENIENT.


And then EA had the audacity to nonstop show Mario as a Maple Leaf, as seen in the final reveal video. I almost puked on a cat and I don’t have a cat.

Mario should threaten to leave the league over this.

Go Pens.

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