The Penguins Logo Looks Great As S’mores

Thanks to Scott for sending this over. He hit me up late in the Pens regular season to let me know how he was attempting to recreate each NHL logo with food. I love the Pens and I love food, so I told him to keep in touch when he went in for the Pens logo.

And here it is. Take it away, Scott:

I had tossed around a few ideas for the Pittsburgh Penguins Foogo. Some included yogurt or cottage cheese or beets, but I never followed through on any of them. But now armed with some soft and fluffy candy, I knew marshmallows were the way to go.

I bought chocolate syrup at Trader Joe’s, found a box of sealed graham crackers hiding in the cupboard and gave my mom ten bucks to get me some marshmallows.

I woke up on Friday home on the beach, ready to kick off Memorial Day Weekend, but first I needed to take care of this Foogo business. What’s it been, two, almost three months since my last NHL Foogo? Too long. I have to get back to a bi-weekly schedule. I waited for Ma to get back from the grocery store, unloaded her bags and got to work. I had asked for one bag of ‘mallows, and one container of Fluff. She said she couldn’t find the Fluff, so she got two ‘mallow bags. (GODAMMIT. EVERYONE KNOWS FLUFF IS NEXT TO THE BAGGED HALLOWEEN CANDY.) (Just kidding. Thanks for doing the dirty work, Ma.)

Fluff or no fluff, I would eat all of that very fast with little regret. Check the full post for all the other little “failures” in this masterpiece. “Failures” are only so bad if we’re talking about something that includes chocolate and marshmallows.

Go Pens.

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