This Troy Polamalu Doll Is Horrifying, Too

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is awesome. He gets a lot of love here at PSAMP. And since he’s everywhere both on the football field as well as in our collective presence, there are bound to be moments when Troy-related stuff is just…off.

CREEPY NIGHT TERROR MINI TROY! Video game un-likeness Troy. Horatio Polamalu. And now, The Troy Polamalu Doll:

Number 43 — Big velvet Hair, warm felt eyes, squeezable, throwable and all around the second-cuddliest Troy Polamalu around.

I made him from repurposed felt, velvet, and fleece — hand designed, and then sewn by machine & hand too. He stands about a foot and half tall, and is stuffed full of the bounciest polyfill.

He’s durable, sweet, handmade, and ready to sit through a sure-to-be-victorious Superbowl!

I GUESS!?! I like the throwable qualifier. I could see myself throwing this everywhere. Like into a fan blade to try and quell the nightmares.

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