Umps At PNC Park Are Thieves

This video was apparently taken in September 2010, but it’s September 2011 now and umpire Laz Diaz is still at large so now PSAMP is all about bringing this thief to justice. Watch as he gives a young kid at PNC Park a false sense of security before making off with the loot. Yeah he gives the kid a ball, but then STEALS HIS GLOVE! The Pirates probably have a jillion balls at PNC, that kid only has one glove. What a jerk move, Laz!

Justice must be served. The ump gives the glove back, but at what cost? The young kid is scarred from getting tricked! I’m just gonna start stealing stuff and then promise to give it all back in like 50 years. The precedent has been set.

Video below:

Go Buccos.