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[i don’t post stuff on the weekend. but i’m sure the displaced cbloggers could use new comment threads until pensblog is back and in your face monday. so cblogger bubbles passed along this post. commence hate]

*Weekends with Bubbles is a weekly feature from the restless waters of Atlantic Canada. Bubbles usually spends his time stalking Ellen Page and providing status updates on Sidney Crosby. Hell, he even goes on cblog. Don’t like his work? Suck it…*

I volunteered myself to contribute something for a weekend post. However, I’m too damn lazy to a put together anything near respectability. This isn’t going to be an elaborate article, stocked full of statistics and jargon. Besides, such pieces are a chore to read and I’m sure we are tired of reading them. This isn’t a well-constructed deliverance of a specific point or argument, but rather just me rambling. So, without further adieu…

Huge thanks going out to PSAMP. Most of us from TPB would have jumped the bridge by now if there weren’t a place for us to crash during the week.

Is Doug Wilson not one the most pro-active GMs out there? He is constantly making bold moves, doing anything to win the ultimate prize for San Jose. It’s one thing to introduce change when a team is failing to produce, but another when they are coming off a deep playoff run.

Paul MacLean is Ottawa’s coach for the upcoming season. I expect him gone by Mid-September after Team Red goes 0-10 in rookie scrimmages. Some joke will be named his successor and be handed a three-year contract extension.

It’s great to see another incarnation of the Jets in Winnipeg. Whether success travels with them or not, excitement will sure follow.

Is this Washington’s year? I predict a first round exit to the 8th seeded Maple Leafs.

Patrick Kane might be ready for camp after undergoing wrist surgery during the summer. He previously injured said wrist while punching a cab driver.

Ilya Bryzgalov thinks he can handle the pressure of playing in Philadelphia. Wait until the team starts losing, which is bound to happen.

Kris Draper held a press conference, a few weeks ago, to announce his retirement. Too bad Crosby was not there to shake his hand.

Rookie camp starts on September 10th for the Islanders. The coaches will be stressing the importance of playing hockey.

The Princeton Review named Ohio University as the “No.1 Party School.” Good thing Jeff Carter was traded to the Blue Jackets.

Go Pens!

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