Wiz Khalifa Is Wearing A Different Penguins Hat

Thanks to Mikey for this. He says:

wiz w/ a Pens hat on in his new video, i know you enjoy things like this

Man, I come at you with some of the hardest-hitting citizen journalism anywhere. If someone in the hip hop game is wearing Pittsburgh sports stuff, it’ll eventually end up on PSAMP. I mean, here’s the list to this point:

Wiz on The Source

Wiz Khalifa/Layzie Bone


This Mongolian dude

Wiz Khalifa

Mobb Deep

Some cats from McKeesport

DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia


Method Man/Bun B

Wiz Khalifa keeps adding to the list since he’s always around and wearing Pittsburgh sports apparel. I gotta show love since he’s pretty intent on wearing Penguins hats now. He had Steelers stuff everywhere in Black and Yellow. And should he continue with this trend, I’ll likely update accordingly.

Like I said, this is valuable, important news.

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