Wu-Tang Friends Loved The Penguins

Thanks to Greg for this. He says:

Had my music on shuffle and guess what track just came on? King Just – Warrior’s Drum

Dude was affiliated with Wu-Tang, hence why I have it. I looked for a video and BOOM, in the screenshot is a hypeman with a pigeon jersey on.

I know it’s not the most extensive category of running themes on PSAMP but it might be my favorite.

Finding Pittsburgh sports stuff in hip hop is personally one of the funnest features that I put up on the site. And this list only gets bigger with each random find like the dread’d guy in the King Just video.

I think my favorite part might be the one shot where there’s not only a Penguins pigeon jersey, but Mighty Ducks and Bruins sweaters as well.


Hockey and rappers. Video below:

Go Pens.

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