I Would Date Female Steelers Fan Beer Thrower


There’s a lotta vitriol being spewed at the female Steelers fan caught drenching some cranky Apple fanboy’s iPhone as he tried to take a stunned pic of her following the pick-6 that sealed Denver’s win. Most of it is wrapped up in the noise that she was obnoxious during the game. I’ve been to sports, EVERYONE is obnoxious. People who don’t understand that are new to sports.

Here’s the thing, stunned pics are great, but you gotta understand the risk. If you shove a camera in someone’s face right after their team crapped the bed, a beer shower is the nicest thing you better expect. Because you’re closer to fists and feet than you think.

Here’s a shot I took at Foley’s, our Pens bar in Manhattan. The night was December 17th, 2009,  I know this because I have OCD and save all my old phone files to my external hard drive. The Pens were playing the hated Flyers, and had won in a shootout despite the near-constant chirping of some idiot Flyers fan who dared enter our Mecca. So I made sure to document his pain. If you could see the un-redacted shot, his eyes are a nightmare. But I’ve softened with age, and will keep him anonymous.

He caught me, and we exchanged words. I think I convinced him that the shot was deleted and he left, defeated. But that’s the thing, you get caught taking a stunned pic, you better get crafty, or like the REAL obnoxious fans, you tell your one-sided story to a popular website.

So cheers to the female Steelers fan, with whatever backwash is still left in her plastic cup. I wish I coulda bought you another.

Here we go.

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