Maggie Gyllenhaal Is All “Die-Hard Pittsburgh Sports Fan”


Thanks to my mom (!) for spotting this. She was watching tv when a trailer for Won’t Back Down came on.

The Maggie Gyllaenaekfkafafds-Viola Davis-Holly Hunter vehicle is about how Pittsburgh schools suck and non-Viola Davis teachers are evil trolls who lock kids in closets while simultaneously illiterate-ing them. And then a bartender mom and the good teacher go all Braveheart and storm the fortress to take the school over. *FLEXES*

This is also the 2nd Gyllendfnhjdsf to film a movie in the Steel City, and we’ve had Jake Donnie Darko on PSAMP twice for it (1, 2).

Anyway, my mom caught the Steelers sign in the pic up top and immediately let me know. So I watched the whole trailer (linked above) and screencapped all the Pittsburgh sports stuff:



The Buccos get a shoutout on bartender-mom’s shirt. Iron City Beer sign clearly visible, too:


The other end of stereotypical Pittsburgh bar. Multiple Pens signs, Steelers symbol and GO PIRATES sign:


Pittsburgh bartender-moms only wear sports apparel. Steelers shirt this time. The city’s dudes are all metro:

Pittsburgh in your face. Or Maggie Gyllafjkdsfjasdf’s sad turtle face.

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