Some Penguins Fan Really Likes To Cross-Dress

I’ll leave the dude’s name out of this post so he doesn’t have to find his “story” in weird corners of the Internet. Well, unless he Googles “Pens fan cross dresser chained up.” And if you’re routinely Googling “Pens fan cross dresser chained up” then you have bigger things to think about.

Anyway, Deadspin has the story of Mr. Dauntless* who was arrested in front of a Walgreens in Uniontown while all decked out in female clothing and makeup and chained to his car. Or something. The bizarre nature of the…crime?…has me a little shook. The guy has done this in the past, too. Several times.

And Deadspin used a pic of the guy in a Penguins hat. And now the story is on PSAMP. This is how the sausage gets made, people.

Go Pens.

*Names have been changed for aforementioned privacy. And hilarity. This is a Party Down reference where people in a play within the show cross-dressed.