South Korean Diablo III Fans Are Also Pirates Fans

Being underaged sucks.

When you’re 17, you constantly feel like you’re on the outside of adulthood. Cigarettes are a no-go if you aren’t a heavily-bearded teen. When you’re 20, all your older friends are out at the bar or maybe picking you up some beer from the store for you cos you’re a crappy kid still.

South Korea is a bit different from the ol’ US of A. The recently-released Diablo III is a mature-rated video game, so youth purchases are an enemy on par with The Butcher. I use The Butcher because I only ever played the first Diablo (on a Macintosh Performa in the late 90s) and that’s the only bad guy I remember. Plus, I’ve been told he’s in the new installment that just released this week.

But back to being underage. The South Korean kid in the white shirt won some raffle for a limited edition of Diablo III. Only he’s underage, so he had to settle for a gift card instead. So weak. And even if he managed to pass as of-age (I’m thinking fake beard and cigar, maybe?), South Korea links your Social Security number to your account, meaning the kid is still boned. Tough luck, kid. Age faster like Robin Williams in that one movie or Tom Hanks in that other movie.

Why is this on PSAMP? Well other than to reminisce about my younger years where I had time to put into the slash-em-up fun that is Diablo, there’s some other South Korean video game fan in a Pirates hat.

I don’t really know how to end this conversation…so…high five?

Go Buccos.