The Benstonium Report: Pirates Coverup, ‘Total Disregard’ For The Enjoyment Of Fans

Huge news out of the sports world, as a recently-released independent investigation turned up an organizationl coverup of some pretty heinous activities over an incredible period of time. The Pirates wern’t even trying to be good.

My buds at Benstonium put their noses to the grindstone to get the most comprehensive findings in this black mark in Pirates fandom. And it had to be independent, since so much of the negligent activity happened under the all-too powerful eye of the Pirates themselves. Paul Ladewski happens when the organization believes its own power.

How did the higher ups not report this stuff? Sickening.

Throughout the 1990s, reported cases of former GM Cam Bonifay filling the roster with young, unproven prospects should have immediately thrown up red flags. “Why did no one else ask questions before it was too late? I repeatedly told my superiors that nobody could win with these guys!” said Jim L. (a Pirates manager who wishes to remain anonymous).

Luckily no Littlefield statue was erected in that timeframe, or we’d be having uncomfortable talks right now about if it should remain in place.

Louis Freeh wishes he could make incredible videos.

Go Buccos.


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