A Jason Worilds Steelers Jersey At Lollapalooza

Thanks to Catlin for this, from the last day of Lollapalooza. He says:

probably one of the last things I expected to see here. #truefan

Let us count the ways that a Jason Worilds Steelers jersey is completely bizarre outside of a few select places:

– Lollapalooza currently takes place in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois.

– That's the Bears' state.

– The Steelers play in Pennsylvania.

– Worilds is originally from New Jersey.

– And played college ball in Virginia. (the VT bag would suggest a Limas Sweed jersey deal)

– The Steelers used their 2013 first-round pick on the guy that should probably take the starting spot that Worilds would've likely had if not for that selection.

– Football season hasn't actually started yet, aside from training camps and last night's Hall of Fame game.

– It's summer. At least it was the away jersey in August heat.

– Music festival people are rarely also sports people. And they purposefully say stuff like "foot-balls" and "sack the running back" so as to hide their obvious knowledge. This is a total stereotype but I've met this person way too much. Shut up.

– I've heard of about 6 of the bands on the 2013 lineup, only like one of which performed on Lollapalooza's last day.

– So real talk going off that last point, this is an adult white man wearing a Worilds jersey among a sea of obnoxious kids listening to likely horrible music.

And now that we can point out just how ridiculous this find is, we must also show love for the wardrobe selection. This guy is clearly an underdog fan. Not that Worilds' second-round draft spot was bad or anything, more that he's had former Defensive MVP James Harrison holding down the starting spot he coveted before it was immediately yet unofficially given to Jarvis Jones by virtue of this year's pick.

So when I see the random Steelers jersey here in NYC, it is usually a pro bowler or higher profile guy. Ben, Troy, Antonio Brown…not Jason Worilds. This guy was not only proud enough to troll the Chicago and music crowd with a Steelers jersey, he made sure to show his extensive knowledge of the team by wearing a more obscure, but still impactful, player. I could consider this guy a friend.

Here we go.

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