Andrew Lambo Is Mike Diaz Is Rambo

Ok I could totally be one of those too-cool bloggers who just says "No comment necessary" or something to let you just focus on the picture but I kinda have OCD and need to talk myself through these things.

During last night's Pirates win, I started pointing out random features from random Pirates of the past ~30 years, considering most of those years consisted of failure and we had some damn characters on those teams. It started out as the broadcast duo of Greg Brown and Bob Walk mentioned Jeff King, so I in turn mentioned "Jeff King's mustache." That led to everyone joining in with "Bill Landrum's chaw," "Doug Drabek's perm," "Pat Meares' wrist," "Tony Womack's eyebrows"… you get the picture.

Some got more absurd, and CantankerousRex brought up "Mike Diaz's poster," referencing the classic 80s Diaz/Rambo poster:

Right around the same time, Pirates prospect and potential call-up Andrew Lambo was collecting 2 RBIs, after hitting 3 home runs in his prior 2 games for the Indy Indians, and the above photoshop was too good to pass up. Had to do it. I mean, Mike Diaz only had 28 homers in his Pirates career. Lambo looks poised to get to that in a season.

I never said these stories were great, just that I have OCD and need to talk through them.

Call up Lambo.

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