Andrew McCutchen’s MLB 13 Cover Ends Lengthy Pittsburgh Drought

Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen unveiled his MLB 13 The Show video game cover today, pic above comes via the Freak Show. It has been quite some time since a Pittsburgh athlete has been on the cover of a video game. I mean, the City of Champions went through a stretch where 2 Super Bowls and a Stanley Cup were had, along with another championship game appearance by both the Steelers and Penguins. And despite that, here we are with a Pirate on a cover. The only person able to take advantage of the recent-championship gloss was…

Bill Cowher, stunningly. This game was likely horrible. Mel Kiper was a featured aspect. I never tried to play it. But without The Chin, we'd have to go 12 years between Cutch and…

Mario Lemieux on NHL 2002. A Cup and some scoring titles and MVPs and a slew of other hardware have only gotten Sid and Geno (Geno) a loss to Claude Giroux for NHL 13's honors. Puke-sacks. And prior to that…

Fake Kordell Stewart on Blitz 98.

Can you only get a cover when your team sucks?


Forgot Troy got half a cover of Madden 2010. Sorry, I stopped playing Madden after my buddy used to shred people with Mike Vick when he was a Falcon on the cover. And a ring couldn't even get Troy a full cover.

Also props to Larry Fitz, who made it as a non-professional Pittsburgh rep as well.

Point remains. Half of Troy is all that joins Cutch on a modern platform. And still newer platforms are getting announced in a few months.

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